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Trip to Pattaya

Jomtein Beach

Jomtein Beach, favorite among the lovers of watersports, is located 2km off South Pattaya. Straight coastline and less boat traffic mean it is good for water sports, particularly swimming. The beach is quite long and at some places wide. One can rent a chair and can spend a quite relaxing time there. 

Water Sports
Jomtein Beach inculcates fancy among the tourists. A charming place, it could be an ideal destination for romantic couples. One can have plenty of fun in the beach, specially in water sports. If you know to control, Jetski would be a terrific option here. Traveling in the banana boat is also a fun. The boat fluctuates now and then. It seems that it would overturn and one has to employ all the balancing techniques in possession to keep one's legs on the boat. Windsailing and parasailing are also wonderful options here. 

Refreshing Environment
Jomtein Beach is a nice option for those who want to keep away from the madding crowds. Leisuring in the rejuvenating environment, one can also use modern accoutrements at the same time. Cool winds coming from the sea fill one with energy. One can just lie down on sand and watch the waves cajoling the coast. The scenic view can fully energise one's mind and body. One can chill, eat Papaya Salad and seafood on the beach. 

All necessary facilities and equipments are available on the road that runs parallel to the beach. One can rent here whatever equipments are needed. 

Water Park
Located on Thapphraya Road, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Park offers an amusement park, a Jacuzzi and a huge slide. For a family outing, it is a nice place. A tall seaside tower and revolving restaurant are also located here. You can Pattaya town from the 55th floor of the tower. 

Accommodation and Food
Jomtein has plenty of accommodation which you could avail. There are several good hotels, guest houses and bungalows. As for the food, one can taste any type of cuisine here. Slew of restaurants offer tasty Thai food while many of these cater to Western palate. Keeping in mind the number of Western tourists, Thai food is also presented at several places in Western style. 

Songthaews ply continuously between Pattaya and Jomtein. One can also use the options of mini bus, taxi or motorbike.


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