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Trip to Pattaya

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach, among the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand, is a fascinating 3-kilometer curved beach famous for sun and sand. Bordered by a road shaded with refreshing tropical greenery, it is ever-ready to serve the tourists who come there for adventure and excitement. This beach doesn't simply rely on its palm-fringed sandy stretch. It has many more offers for the visitors.

Sports and Leisure Activities
On Pattaya Beach, tourists are always engaged in a slew of sports and leisure activities. Thrill-seekers take part in a host of water sports while children are busy making sandcastles at the feet of tiny waves. At the same time, locals socialize sitting beneath umbrellas while munching snacks. On the beach, you can enjoy yourselves with paragliders, or indulge in jet skiing or wind surfing. If you like diving, you can leave for any of the offshore coral islands. 

If you just want to relax in the leisure, you can hire a deck chair and umbrella. You could also rent a rubber ring and drift off. On Pattaya Beach, you would see so many people passing their time on deck chairs.

Beach Vendors
In case you feel like shopping you don't need to go anywhere. Hordes of vendors would be marching all over Pattaya Beach all day long. They would exhort you to purchase all their goods. You could purchase thinks like cold drinks, ice creams, jewelry, deep fried crabs and freshly roasted nuts. If you don't want to buy, just convey it politely and the vendor would walk off. 

For a fulfilling Pattaya beach experience we suggest you don't miss the spa. Just lie down looked at remotely located coral islands. The gentle massage would knead out that annoying back pain. You could get the massage under the shade of nearby palm trees or your own umbrella. After the massage, you would feel fully rejuvenated. And you would not need to shell more than a couple of dollars for the massage. 

You could fresh and inexpensive food on the beach stalls. Purchase the food and savour it sitting on your deck chair watching at the scenic beauty. It would be a no-frills and scrumptious lunch. You would get a full meal in less than 50 baht! You would get items like seafood, grilled meat, noodles and fresh fruit. Near the beach, barrage of restaurants are also located where you could get your tank filled. 

Beach Road is a famous shopping area in Pattaya. One can shop items like gems, readymade garments, tailor-made suits, souvenirs, leatherware, furniture, etc. 

Beach of Pattaya is known all over the world for its variety and unhindered nightlife. However, in recent years, efforts have been made by local city leaders to confine commercial flesh industry to an area of South Pattaya beach. As one moves up the beach road to central and north Pattaya, merrymaking declines.


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